Thursday, September 14, 2000

We had our birth class the other night. We sat in a room with two other couple and a single mother, listening first to a pediatrician picthing his practice and vaccinations, then a professional doula (what? you don't know what t doula is? It turns out there are women who hang around during the birth & maybe after, giving support, mainly emotional, to the parents. Some wome make a living at it, I guess.) . The doula seemed to be pre

Monday, September 11, 2000

I had a dream the other night about the pregnancy. It sounds like a science fiction book:

I got a recorded phone call from the future, in which my mother is arguing with the hospital where my baby was delivered. It seems, in the future, my baby didn't survive the birth. The argument between my mother and the hospital revolved around the question of whether the child was stillborn or dies after the birth. I don't recall which positin my mother took or why it was important, but apparently it was, considering how hard they were arguing. The conversation went on for a long time in my dream, and I learned some facts about the history of the pregnancy. Later, I had a conversation with my wife and her sister, and I learned something that seemed to contradict the phone call. That gave me hope; I thougt it was a clue about how to change the future. I held the theory that the call could change things like our behavior and that if we coud make our present as different as possible from the past of the phone call, the more likely we were to change the outcome. I don't know how the dream came out.